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first, confirm they have through various channels about huanran, huanran culture and identity and career;

Secondly, confirm even fanaticism in you like you will choose the industry;

again, think calmly and give you an accurate positioning and objectives;

Finally, send your resume, personal photos, and favorite works posted to our mailbox

zhihou, you just wait and we reply to you, usually, we received your resume will respond, if you work for us, we will ask you for an interview.


later Digital Division

later in the wedding dress photo, portrait photo color, revising and typesetting;

one year related work experience, have a large Studio or well-known photographic studio work experience is preferred;

be familiar with Photoshop software, has the fashion sense of color and aesthetic;

work with carefulness, strictness, hard working, have good communication skills.


makeup stylist

responsible for customer's makeup, styling, make-up, etc;

one year related work experience, there is a large Studio or well-known photographic studio experience is preferred;

have a solid makeup Foundation, stylish and elegant, to the customer varies with the characteristics of the overall shape;

careful, rigorous work, customer friendliness and courtesy, have good communication skills.


makeup Assistant

help customer fitting, providing design advice, management of costume jewelry, assist the makeup stylist;

one year relevant work experience;

good ability of aesthetic ability, outfits, sharp smell of fashion;

good communication skills, friendly, good service. Diligence, steadfast, with team spirit.


photography Assistant

assist the photographer to finish filming;

love photography, have a certain knowledge of photography;

good learning ability, a strong sense of self-renewal;

enthusiastic, careful, rigorous work, with a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;

hard working, diligent and practical, can adapt to a more intense work and team spirit;


store customer service

responsible for sales of imaging products;

20 to 30 years for women;

major in marketing, senior high school or technical school degree or above;

cute, smile often, hard working, strong ability to develop;

hotel service or wedding stores more than 1 years related work experience is preferred;

features elegant, excellent image quality.