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Bride wedding what to pay attention to the details

Bride is without doubt the absolute protagonist of red carpet, give the feeling of zhongxingpengyue. The bouquet the bride holding the wedding in the eyes of the protagonist. Through professional guidance, bridal bouquet you can DIY! follow xiaobian I am learning about it now.

bride's bouquet DIY

1.  the wizard of Oz

If the mountain nymph to set foot on the red carpet, she probably would choose the flowers. This group mainly green bouquet, filled with vibrant green roses and ferns, fig vine inclusion more inspiring course, mountain air blowing, saw the bouquet seemed to have heard the sound of cicadas, gurgling.

2.  jinzhan Riddle

hand tied bouquets of marigolds, although only one flower, but with the vagaries of the dark spots on the petals of Marigold, Orange, so that the whole bouquet smart and graceful, fun.

on the red carpet, do you feel you burning eyes are focused on you--head bowed shyly, saw a bunch of fresh hand-fringed bridal bouquet, passed to you contained the life force of nature, conveys happiness ... ... Following the recommended 10 bridal bouquet, from design and materials used are original, very delicate and gorgeous, hope to give brides practical reference. Through professional guidance, bridal bouquet you can DIY!

        3.  stars

bits and pieces, filled my stars, this bouquet with baby's breath bouquet, decorated with the same immaculate helanyang Chamomile, romantic beads tied with pure and beautiful mood.

4. the pale pinkish purple East

hand-tied bridal bouquet, with pale purple flowers as the main tone, fresh and elegant, delicate itself, and includes sweet pea flower, Lotus, clematis, clematis pods of wild ferns, turmeric leaf, coral Zhong Ye.

5.  Brown smile white

contrast the colour contrast is the key to bouquet full of surprises, white and delicate roses and peonies, with the Black Dahlia, dark coral bells, gentle and smooth yet unique temperament. Luxurious and elegant Golden ribbons, but elegant, serves you.