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Teach you how to save maid overhead

1, engagement gifts

engagement party without bridesmaids to organize the preparatory, are new parents often are responsible for dealing with, but all the bridesmaids will attend, participate in would inevitably have to prepare an engagement present.

cost about 150-600 Yuan

the solution: don't accept gifts, engagement party held no doubt is a good solution, in order to show your good faith, can in fact be registered in signature when guests leave, let everybody relax and share your happiness.

 2, bridal shower

bridal showers are usually organized by the maid, and in most cases, other bridesmaids will make every effort to support it--whether it's financially or in creative thinking.

about 700-3500 Yuan (including the venue, decorations, food), plus about 150-600 gift costs.

Solution: you can suggest not financially support the maid of honor, on the other more complicated and tedious process, helping the maid to do, such as writing invitations to address, or helping the best man tie, and so on. After all, time is money, and if we can be as concise as possible link, effectively finishing them, can be considered a savings. In addition, you can also try your friend's bridal shower at home, so that you can save space on loan costs. Later, also consider preparing food and drink cocktails and cupcakes to entertain you, or prepare some day, do you want to take care of a lot cheaper than from outside people.

3, Bachelor Party

who said men in Las Vegas over the single life dream of heaven, bridal party Bachelor Party also must not lose to the man! Of course, apart from San Diego to Miami Beach Getaway, also could consider low prices much of the Dominican Republic, or to enjoy a Caribbean cruise trip. Of course, a pleasant weekend break cost is not less, in addition to airfare, hotel, entertainment, food, girls, shopping is inevitable.

cost about 400-3500 Yuan

Solution: of course, traveling to hot spots really exciting, but a "staycation" can once again do you want. In order to save money, why not try some of the local activities? Participate in the winery, or a SPA day. If you are determined to go on an outing, and also recommendations about what economic chic exclusive estates in the country, or simply pick a not far from everyone, affordable holiday place.

4, bridesmaid dresses

love knot in the 2009 survey showed that average bridesmaids pay for bridesmaid dresses cost about 1000 Yuan or so, and this figure does not include shoes, jewelry (such as hair ornaments), underwear (tube top dress need to specially selected strapless underwear). And so, spending rises immediately.

about 1500-3000 Yuan (bridesmaid dresses covered with a modified fee) plus 500-1500 (including the cost of shoes, jewelry, handbags and lingerie)

Solution: try not to select a tube top style bridesmaid dresses, will save the cost of modifying and strapless bra. In addition, if the length of the dress and also shoes and accessories can be purchased is no longer unified, can make the bridesmaids themselves wearing matching, you can save a lot of extra costs.

Figure 3: drinks are a big spending

5, makeup

wedding day, bridesmaids are early to do their hair, makeup, nails, and if each item is individually operated by a professional, that takes nature can be imagined.

about 350-1500

Solution: bridesmaid wedding makeup has an unwritten rules: If you insist on hiring a professional to take care of, then the costs should be borne by the bride. Unable to bear this extra cost? Then why not try the bridesmaids to finish! After all, and who can sure effect on certain professionals than it.

6, travel and accommodation

invite bridesmaids to unless you live in a city, or in the night before the wedding and the wedding day need to book a hotel room, there are transport costs to and from. This can be also a considerable expense.

about 1500-7000 is

Solution: in order to save expensive hotel room, you can ask your local relatives provide room so that they can stay two nights, of course, is best to live in the home of the bride, so that girls can also be a partner, and ease the tension of the day before the wedding.

7, wedding gifts

final cost – a thoughtful, carefully selected wedding gifts!

cost about 300-1500 Yuan

Solution: of course there will be able to keep costs down, but suggested that the bride should hold a Catholic heart, to know that the wedding of the year, you must attend to their wallets deflated deflated, naturally can not demanding you!

8, Maid of honor-free project

wedding in some consumption is associated with the bridesmaid should be paid for by the bride, no maid bear.


Bridesmaids Bouquet blending per person spending a lot, about 800 yuan per person, but that's part of the cost should not be borne by the bridesmaids, but along with the bridal bouquet, wedding decorations with bouquets, wedding centerpiece bouquets and other expenses, settlement.

rehearsal dinner

outside the engagement party, rehearsal dinner with new friends should be paid by the groom's parents to prepare.

bridal luncheon

before the rehearsal dinner at noon, to thank the Bride Bridesmaids to pay and help, will do a bridal luncheon, and that part of the cost is borne by the bride.