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Perfect bridal skin care repair

Strap wedding dresses, strapless wedding dresses are sketched out bride's perfect body, however not all brides with exquisite glass Devil figure, if the approaching wedding hall you are not satisfied with the status quo, hurry up, from now on, spend 30 minutes a day, to make you the most perfect curves.

feminine arm sculpture techniques

bare hands not bloated like the arm outside the wedding, so sculptured feminine arm has become a matter of urgency, in fact just let themselves into the movement, arms a little more care, you can have slender arms like a ballerina.

movement building programme

aerobic engraving

implementation method

the first step: back lie on your back on a bench or on a balance ball, knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Hands holding a dumbbell, respectively, placed in the chest, palms forward, elbows pointing to the ground. This is your potential.

the second step: slowly raise dumbbell, attention will force gradually extended from upper arm to the chest, rather than just the power of the elbow.

the third step: relaxing chest muscles, hang on for a while, and then slowly put down the weights, reposition the chest.

daily care programme

sagging skin and fat accumulation, easy to visually create expansion, which was the main reason feels thick arms, carved arm lines, reduce accumulation of fat requires a scientific approach, effective exercise at the same time, use the slimming efficacy of the product, more able to build long arms have a multiplier effect.

implementation method

the first step: oil massage, according to the body's lymphatic drainage lines, combined with natural plant extract cellulite slimming massage essential oil massage, can promote metabolism, stimulating the circulatory system, in order to release toxins, slender arms of the effect.

the second step: Scrubs elbows, elbows are easy to pile up old dead skin cells, so each week must carefully peeling away the old thick horny, delicate skin basement can be revealed.

the third step: firming slimming, slimming cream maximum efficacy are rubbed between the consumption of excess fat in the body, arm looks soft and healthy.