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From the wedding and see how foreigners married

Each country has its own different wedding customs, universally in many countries we seem unable to understand, but very interesting customs, come and have a look!

♥   Spain wedding-train stunts in the air!  

Spain, Rob Malda, since ancient times, there was a one of a kind wedding: the wedding day, the bride and groom were hanging heads downward with your feet. Then let them skillfully to until they kissed for a long time so far in the air, all the wedding guests were not allowed to attend feast.


♥   Denmark wedding-preparations secret!

Denmark people wedding was done in secret because they think publicly organized wrath of ghosts or arouse their jealousy. In the wedding at the end of the people carried to a large beer garden. Hands of the bride and groom on top of jars and jars to smithereens. Marriageable woman will pick up debris on the scene, picked up the largest fragments of married woman is bound to the first, and picked the smallest are doomed to not marry for life.

different countries have different wedding customs

♥   Russia-the wedding Kiss to resolve bitter wine!

Russia on the wedding of someone shouting: "bitter! Ah! "Every time someone to lead us when called, will present all the chorus, then the couple will be stood up, passionately kiss in public. After a few minutes, and there was a loud groan, the bride and groom stood up again to calm relatives groaned with sweet Kiss, to repeat at least on such a program at the wedding banquet will continue until more than 10 relatives and friends. Originally, according to Russia's customs wedding drink was bitter, need to sweeten it with new kiss.


♥   Indian wedding-the first bride married again!

Indian honeymoon is different from other people, not married, but before marriage. Guy comes on a moonlit night his mind "stolen" away, deep in the forest a month nearly secluded life. A month later, two people meet both father and mother back home, then formal wedding. This is Indian's "love trilogy": the bride, honeymoon, wedding. And the bride to the groom at the wedding spit on your face, it is said that this is the most popular way of expressing love.


 -fat brides ♥ Mauritania wedding!

Moor was a major nation of Mauritania, their wedding is unique. Long shots of the daughter's marriage is made when the mother, the father cannot interfere. A young man about which girl, he is with a gift to the mother of the girl's mother to hand, the girl's mother and if you agree, marriage has agreed on the spot. In the eyes of Moorish, only waist thick, short neck, hips, prominent, breast beauty of towering bride is recognized. Because fat women is a symbol of wealth. If family guy married Maria wife of obesity, its inevitable exception Grand wedding, relatives and friends even took the trouble coming, and a glimpse of the bride's face.

national custom make your wedding abroad easier

♥   of the ancient West African Nigerian wedding-fat enough to call off the wedding!

Nigerian girl, too! Once decided to get engaged, you have to start eating eat, make yourself more weight the better, otherwise invite in-laws 1000 is not satisfactory. Because locals believe that taking a blessed State wife will bring good luck to the man's family, wedding, bride and groom feel fat enough, you can temporarily cancel the wedding, requires the bride to "fatten"!

♥   Ma qui Texas wedding gifts-flesh carpet 顯 loyal 貞!  

Macedonia grams Texas Republika group Island Shang of Macedonia qui Texas people, its married gifts 儀 type in the, when a Yes new-Zaventem open church home when, bride where tribal of guests are invited to guest to a real received a real to creeping in to, formed a terms "people Stadium carpet", groom needed leadership with bride promote he we of back Shang stepped on over to, symbol with flexor promote and loyalty 貞.