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Different parts of the world form of wedding da he set

In the supermarket wedding

according to the United States media reported baola·aerwaruizi of the bride and groom's name was daier·tangpusen, both of them in the United States, Kansas (Kansas) Zhang Ke Wal-Mart supermarket in Shanghai.

in the   held a noisy wedding at the supermarket. Under the witness of many colleagues, friends, the couple made wedding vows in the checkout, married well. Almost all their colleagues came to share this special day of celebration.

it is reported that was chosen in the supermarket wedding, because this supermarket has extraordinary significance for them. Aerwaruizi started working in the store at that time, as a cashier. Soon she met colleague Thompson, two people in love at first sight. Later, Thompson proposed to aerwaruizi at checkout, in the end, they decided: the wedding is held at checkout.

in addition, the couple said, to the supermarket wedding for a reason, and that is in order to allow more members to attend their wedding. Due to the colleagues, a Wal-Mart employee, there are many people who want to work every day, if they are held in other parts of the wedding, work colleagues and was unable to attend.

for the couple's "supermarket wedding", many colleagues said at the supermarket is very good, very interesting and memorable.

tsunami ruins wedding

end of 2004 India Ocean tsunami Thailand resort of Phuket hit, but a United Kingdom couples choose wedding in this place almost in ruins. On December 27, 43 years old mark and his 35-year old fiancée from Singapore the opportunity to fly to Phuket, and 29th wedding in Cape panwa hotel in the South of the island. Account manager of the hotel said staff make every effort to hope that the wedding was a Grand bustle, the wedding is expected to raised hopes for the future.

God married the sea engagement

India a pair of romantic lovers really not afraid to toss, in June 2003, they first exchanged engagement rings in midair by helicopter, a few days after the wedding in a deep water pool under. But due to the challenging underwater wedding, relatives only a few daring dive to attend, other guests through a underwater camera, from the big screen to watch the wedding ceremony. The couple believes that marriage will be different.

telephone booth wedding

Norway a couple phone booth as the Church where wedding took place. In 2002, 35 year old Erin • Mi Silei fuluode·sideermosi via a mobile phone text message and 31 years old teaser activity met, SMS are the two first teaser. In order to hear the sound of love, not equipped with fixed-line sideermosi at 11 o'clock every night on the phone side waiting for Mi Silei calls. In commemoration of this, the two conventions even before she had seen, in a phone booth in the wedding, and by calling for each other to buy a wedding ring.

trash the Wedding March

United States a couple more funny, specially selected garbage heap made a lifelong vow. It turns out that the couple met Duff and Rocky at the dump. Rocky is an advocate daily garbage Lady, is this dump of a part-time employee, Duff, she encountered trying to recycle cans to get your own home here, and Duff was the dump Manager, they have got two cleaned the spark of love. Residents living near the dump knows this "junk" new people, about 250 people attended the unusual wedding, a guitarist specifically author sang a song written specifically for the couple's "trash the Wedding March."

armed to the teeth's wedding

in August 2003, two United States soldiers against strong pressure from the Pentagon, marry his beloved Iraq girl. Their wedding, and wedding mystery of the process and the Compact is not different from the special operations. The groom wore military uniforms and bulletproof vests, M-16 rifles in hand. Marry Iraq judges nervous, he was temporarily dragged the bride's family to the ceremony. Bride and groom choose to marry on tennis courts complete the oath, empty, quiet, because there are few.

space wedding

on August 10, 2003, 26 United States girl Yekaterinburg na·demiteluoyefu in the United States in Houston, Texas, wedding, and her groom, 41, of Russia astronaut Youli·malianqieke, far away in the international space station, but the wedding was still sweet and romantic. The wedding, the bride wore a traditional white wedding dress, happy, and malianqieke size of my artificial models, all wearing astronaut costume, bride and also welcoming the arrival of guests.

best wedding team wedding in the history

channeling Porsche, Hummer, Bentley, Ferrari close behind, followed by Lincoln, Cadillac fleet of ... ... The morning of April 9, 2006, a wedding convoy of dozens of cars in the world and mighty eagles on a street in Shenyang, China. "The cow, this wedding is really a cow! "Everywhere the team had attracted public laments.

Bali wedding

Indonesia's Bali to enjoy "island of gods" in the world, where many people's wedding held at the kelanbitan Palace built in the 17th century, the couple wore traditional dress to the wedding ceremony presided over by local priests. After the wedding, the couple can dance on the beach.

French Polynesia weddings

in French Polynesia, before the wedding, both men and women will be welcomed by the local people singing and dancing, and must be separated, each getting ready for the wedding. Bride to be dressed like a Princess Tower Hitti and groom ride a canoe to the wedding. Both sides get together in front of the wedding host, sounded around religious music, this scene is memorable.

Hawaii wedding

more and more people choose to heavenly Hawaii wedding. There, the formalities of the marriage is very convenient, there is someone for new operators. Wedding, new people each on the neck a Garland made of flowers.

Thailand wedding

in Thailand the wedding, the couple will receive hundreds of flowers lined the locals will offer drinks and fruit, and meet new people. Bride will wear costumes of the local wedding after the wedding, the couple will watch ethnic dances. In Thailand, Buddhist wedding, presided over by the common 9 monks came forward to.

Las Vegas wedding

Las Vegas is a good place. You can reach the city of "Eiffel" Tower 50th wedding at the moment you step into the glass panoramic lifts have begun. If you want the wedding can be held in a helicopter.

Mexico wedding

Mexico will experience the indigenous Vichor people's wedding. Vichor traditional dress on the bride, with the groom in front of Chiefs made a vow of love life. The wedding, the couple was baptized, drink made from fermented corn drink. After the ceremony, the couple hugged each other, and symbolically lying on the mat.

Ordos wedding

spread on the Ordos grassland in China's Mongolian wedding, with its unique ethnic features, rich flavor of life, melodious music and dance and a warm red-carpet scene in the famous, many of its health content, beautiful plot, still continue. Wedding process can be roughly divided into three parts: engagement, wedding, and door.