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Worth of the world's wedding paradise

The Maldives had published an advertisement in the country. Advertising images are the subject of a white sandy beach, fine sand, such as powder, clear waters gently nestled on top, blue from near to far, until one with the sky. Junction of sea and sky, parked a white boat blue boat. Entire screen gives a false feeling. Perhaps, this is heaven. Advertising is even more attractive: the last paradise on Earth, only you and your loved ones, and the Maldives ... ....

India Ocean emerald in  

Maldives is located in waters 650 km south of Sri Lanka, after columns of the equator from North to South, forming a long reef islands area. Is the cause of more than 1000 Islands in ancient undersea volcanic eruption, some central Protuberance become sand dunes, some central sunken atolls. If you can take a small plane to fly to Marx and Lenin, both North and South atoll, from the air Maldives, you will be amazed, the endless sea, spread all over the island as the wreath, like Sky shakes down pieces of jade. Central is a small island of green surrounded by white, while close to island water is light blue, aqua blue, deep blue, sequential gradient India Ocean is like a blue velvet, blue velvet cloth, then dressed with a bunch of Emerald, emerald.

Maldives the name starting in 150 ad, refers to the Islands in the Tin Sam Rainsy Bank. At that time many ships from East Africa, the Arab States, Maldives has found in sailing the beautiful, quiet suitable for berthing port, people have gradually obsessed with living on the island. This mini small covers nearly 100,000 square kilometers of sea areas, 200 of which are residents of the island, there are 73 holiday Islands hotel. Each coral reef is a luxury resort hotel. White Crystal sands, swaying coconut palms in the reflection in the water, large swarms of colorful tropical fish make up the Maldives "animation" landscapes.

close to the capital male is airport in Darfur, Red Island, 5 minutes walk from the airport terminal. Dhoni, yacht, seaplane is linking the airport and the resort's main means of transportation, casual atmosphere the oncoming. There is a need to explain the connection between the islands of important vehicle---commonly known as Dhoni. This kind of boat hulls, yard, nails, cables to the sails were taken from coconut tree, carries the history of natives in 2000 and the sea.

both Pocket  

male is the smallest capital of the world, it has an area of 2.5 square kilometres, the population is only about 60,000, but also into Henveyru, Galolu, Machchangoli, Maafannu and four regions. Isn't the entire asphalt here, looking ahead is full of sparkling white sand road. Dazzling white coral reef and mostly painted blue and green Windows and doors form a strong chromatic aberration of the House usually built tall and narrow, allegedly in order to avoid the demon invasion, due out by United Kingdom jurisdiction, so there are some buildings with a strong British flavor. Countries in the Pocket in the car seems to be redundant, either cycling or walking.

MarineDrive Pak Sha Road is a male's most important streets, lined with many hotels here as well as the Presidential Palace was built in 1913. In addition, there is the ancient mosque built in 1656, and completed in 1675 the magic of Muslim minarets, white can still clearly see the Koranic inscription on the building.

available for viewing the Sultan Park of the ancient dynasty of the Sudan, it had destroyed in 1968 to establish the Republic of the Maldives, although today only a small building here, but still relatively intact the essence of the ancient cultures of the Sudan, seemingly simple History Museum documents the many kinds of cultural exchanges. Male, Maldives is the shopping center, almost all the stores here. Local residents are used to living a simple life and want to experience the local life should be to look at the fish market. Island capture fisheries there is the country's auction Center, near dusk of the day come and go peddle cries, construct the island dynamic aspect. Chef who has specialized in the fish market peeled for meat, a 4-foot-long fish, it takes only a minute, will be divided into skin, bones, meat and three.

dances with fish  

the Maldives is one of the world's three-largest diving San Diego, without diving really sorry to here. Want to dive, visitors must first understand the word PADI, which is short for ProfessionalAssociationofDivingInstructors in English, Chinese is a professional association of diving coach, diving in the Maldives are PADI diving license issued. Maldives provides most of the hotel's diving centre PADI licence training and exams, coaches almost always from Germany and Switzerland to DI Juan VEMASTER. In General, over the course of 3 days of training you can obtain PADI diving license (the license only allows 18 meters depth, as only 2-day training to obtain the license to dive 30 meters deep).

tourists usually sit, "Dhoni" boat dives into the sea, diving cost on each island in the Maldives should be pretty much the same, so holiday Islands hotel, as well as the distribution of dive sites around, is the key to select Islands. If not deep, just enjoy the snorkeling, rented a pair of goggles, life vest and flippers on, or you can dive into the crystal clear water of dancing with the fishes in the sea. Even if it can't dive, can also be involved in watching the fish. General coral reef islands within 20 metres of the shore of the sea is not deep, some 30 metres away is like the cliff-like drop, but the area is also where most of the fish. Under the rays of the Sun in the morning, underwater world is beautiful like a dream and magic. If you are lucky, can still see small sharks and rays! Foot long hair men must be careful, because the fish will confuse them as bugs, you plucked!

the Maldives is a paradise for anglers, as local government regulations within two kilometers of coast fishing, fishermen can fish with hooks, disabled fishing nets. Maldives teems with grouper, jointed hands with the fish on and make some magic! Suitable for fishing during dawn, dusk and night, Twilight fishing of which do not have a fun vacation aboard the ship to sail to the island by coral reefs, shot down the line after the anchor, then Kung Fu will have a fish to bite.

a view of the islands of the Maldives. Dhoni ride cruise island is one of the great pleasures, some quite modern, and some are still the original flavor, usually an island after half an hour you can visit on foot. Visit indigenous villages is the tourists don't want to miss a project, the shuttle in a gray and white stone house Lane, separated, and leisurely islanders say hello, then take a Dhoni to uninhabited islands for snorkeling, on the white sandy beach and enjoy all kinds of seafood BBQ, really enjoyable.

business travel tips:  

Maldives airport transport between islands and for Dhoni, yachts and seaplanes. If the guests prepare some motion sickness pills for seasickness, catch the wind wave when Dhoni, speed boats will be jolted, but also very exciting.

the Maldives is a Muslim country, fasting, and pork, but here is rich in fish, shrimp and crabs.

Italy's PIZZA, French steak, Japanese-style raw fish will appear at the dinner table, but few Chinese food. If you can speak English, recommended half meal form, so that you can have the opportunity to enjoy different styles of cuisine in the hotel.