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Selected wedding rings of marriage should be how to choose

Marry wedding ring is not a small selection of expenditures, at least more than thousands of tens of thousands of more, of course, it depends on the couple's economic strength. But no matter what, is unable to give the bride shortage a beautiful diamond ring. Because the ring is the beginning of a woman happy. Wedding ring the market is prosperous now, jewelry brands are also on the rise, Xiamen teaches you how to pick a wedding photography wedding photography wedding rings? How to identify a wedding ring is good or bad? Selected diamond rings needs to pay attention to?

1, buy a diamond ring to recognize a professional appraisal certificate. Issued by national quality supervision and inspection center of jade jewelry, also United States Gemological Institute (GIA) issued by the most authoritative identification of the top.

2, look for the certificate of the international diamond certification: Belgium high-level Council (HRD), the international Gemological Institute (IGI), European Gemological Institute (EGL), the United States Association of gems (AGS), the United States the Gemological Institute (GIA).

3, domestic below 20 points diamond are generally not worthy of monitoring certificate, so at the time of purchase, don't be duped by businesses claiming to be level.

4, professional certified diamonds order, first cut (cut), then color (color), clarity (clarity) and weight (Carat weight).

5, 1 Carat = 100 points, about a bean size, carat diamond ring is very popular in the current market, with potential for value appreciation.

    6, at present, the main stone 1 carat diamond ring, more than perfect standard f-, VVS, including ring need 12.15 million Yuan.

7, Diamond of equal weight, select table (desktop) great diamonds bigger. Plane of the table refers to the Diamond's surface.

8, if the diamond is not large enough, can reduce the ring part visually maximize diamonds. But the smaller ring, grab the smaller part of the diamond, diamond the more unstable.

9, bride of the fat finger to avoid delicate ring design, it's easy to put a finger in two fleshy. You can choose to have the width of the ring.

    10, skillfully selected diamonds and more stylish form a multicolored. In addition to diamond wedding ring today as the primary stone, more like "true love was crowned" rubies symbolize love heart, exchanging wedding rings is the heart at the moment.

        11, wedding ring material varies depending on the result of each preference, gold for Asian honey-colored skin, and pure rare Platinum was widely welcomed, rose gold luster has become popular in recent years because of its soft material.

12, the diamond rings don't have pure gold inlay. 24K pure gold is very soft, diamonds on it is easy to fall off and diamond substrates in gold, it is easy to cast a yellow Sheen, to the detriment of quality of diamond.

13, ring walls thick, so difficult to deformation, will not lead to loose diamonds. Center diamond, 30 minutes, ring of gold consumption between 3-4 g.

14, the ring to select no groove design, so wash your hands in the water not long after in the, skin allergies, some arc technology of diamond ring ring designed according to ergonomic principles, using 12 finishing not only comfortable, but took off no ring marks after.

        15, claw set diamond ring selection is more dazzling. Whether it is a classical four-jaw or six-claw Mosaic law, are in fact in order to make the main stone is high up, a large number of light rays enter the diamond interior from various aspects, making it look larger and more magnificent.

16, the ring can choose a unified pattern of "Lovers", such as the pattern of the ring, ring and female ring on exactly the same pattern of hand-built, elegant and delicate, so a person can know that you are made for each other.

17, involves the selection of the ring, the taste of life, "angel wing" of the ring, made up of two wings, the implication is very good for one to find happiness.

18, married to abstain is not only traditional Prime circle (Prime ring), as long as you like bold pavĂ©, lettering or unique grinding technique to express individuality.

        19, Haute Couture to carefully choose vendor. Custom requirements for designers as a wedding ring is very high, more reliable domestic advanced customization such as HIERSUN (Hanson) diamond Palace offers private Haute Couture Designer fencing by the European Design Centre.

20, got married three months before beginning the selection of wedding rings, leave plenty of time to shop around.

21, Christmas, Valentine's day during mass promotions such as buy a diamond ring, and that businesses will likely have great promotions.

22, most businesses have kept the certificate after purchase wedding rings, this must be saved so that when there's a problem to repair and maintenance.

Finally, make wishes each and every bride say, "Yes, I Do. "When you can put the satisfaction of a wedding ring, Mu-in love forever.