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Wedding facial acne do

Whether it is a girl or a boy who doesn't like face acne. But for some people, acne like indestructible cockroach is like always and he had a good relationship, and his own struggle. Under normal circumstances, both bride and groom found himself face acne will not help the hand squeeze, rushed him inside the white things out and thinking may well come. Xian today said the problem for small series of wedding photography, skin acne how to handle it? Milked by hand? With a needle? This is not correct! Results likely to be that leaving smallpox in India. Small make up next to us about why and processing methods.

         first: don't wash your face too often for one day.   Face twice a day is sufficient. Always wash your face, it will stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, once the oil on the surface of the skin is washed, the sebaceous glands must be "working overtime" to its natural protective function, as a result, the Sebaceous Gland becomes more and more edgy, more lively.


         II: don't go picking, hand pull, a needle. &Nbsp;  adolescent acne is very common, if MOM and dad are young with acne, then you are a genetic, wait until a certain age naturally good, but remember not to squeeze the acne, squeezing will leave unsightly scarring of the face, is not squeezed just fine.   Acne with hands or tools to squeeze, not only unhelpful, but secondary infections due to bacteria in the hands of, or squeezing force, causing subcutaneous ecchymosis, requires a 4-6 weeks before disappearing left scars. In addition, due to pull the crowd caused the wound, by repeated stimulation, the skin proliferation results form a raised scar the Oh!


        III: If more pressure to adjust to relax. &Nbsp;   some friends, psychological pressure when President of acne, such as examination pressure and the pressure of work caused Moody. This case needs to adjust itself, allow your emotions to ease skin would be nice. Beach wedding photos knowledge to know