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Wedding how to select and groom handsome tie

How to select and groom handsome tie of marriage

irregular stripe linen tie Public Opinion

thick stripes, better show the groom's sense of humor

for lovers friends two not errors, smart and flattering of humor groom, seems to held married banquet is a coincides with the mind of thing, however groom if excessive enthusiasm or endless of ridicule, also will was to other family of eye, put humor as you of glib Oh! thus selected tie Shi, as select some not rules of texture, both can reflected you funny elegant of high taste, while select dumb light texture, and will for you added a few minutes mature stable!

the Public Opinion ties, is the optimal choice for this type of groom. Seemingly faded charm of Asian fabrics add a few years to groom, tie the irregular stripes, elegant and funny.  Avoid selecting irregular dot patterns, Oh, will make you look sophisticated and clever!

Robert Talbott rose silk tie

fancy polka dot ties forbidding men and hot moment

for character more within, weekday in unsmiling, even work some book of cold groom, wants to advised they mouth Shang Alice, and slightly a laugh, seems to than bounds also difficult, that on may wish to more in details distribution ornaments upper and lower points Kung Fu's! round points pattern tie, can improved you past of serious expression, match warm of color, will for you of affinity added points many does!

silk ties from Robert Talbott, then skillfully hot red fancy polka dot pattern, the groom show the hospitality side. Maybe you come forward, guests laugh! don't select the matte texture of the cool tie, if the wedding atmosphere in an awkward position, you can hardly help themselves, Oh!

Theory of narrow stripe tie

pin-striped tie, designed for the elegant man

for a meticulous man, he not only can independently, unable to attend to at home. Marriage however did not attempt, our feelings are not open to married cohabitation for all levels. Therefore, if you want to see whether a man is meticulous, his dress. With a thin striped tie is not bright, it is an embodiment of elegant living.

as the groom wearing of this paragraph Theory narrow stripes tie, shades two different is not gap disparity of grey stripes, suddenly will will men of elegant and fine appeared out, but note in create this style Shi, tie fabric of light sense degrees is cannot had strong of, second is selected are collection suitable of thin models, because fabric too heavy will to people brings stiff and suppressed of feel, will for beaming of wedding big discount Oh!

Duchamp printed silk tie

pattern ties would romance articles

popular prints this year wind, charmed not only the bride and groom also exudes a kind of romanticism. Compare bride bright printed dress, the groom ties tend to rational intelligent romantic. Beautiful facial features, her gentle eyes, darker shades of beautiful prints, well, you will certainly fall for him

1901 yellow Twill ties

bright, wide stripes, shaping the groom better vitality of youth

If you are a face mature, robust man, you must not choose a fashionable young man suit, so at this moment, tie will become your weight.  Choose a colorful tie, will make you great youthful, workplace you may be silent, but you must be on your wedding day atmosphere! The 1901 yellow Twill tie is one such model for groom's tie, bright yellow will make you very well integrated into the joy of a wedding atmosphere-and-white stripes are also very fresh, but remember not to go with gold watches and other accessories, will lower your grade, you are as formulaic as the nouveau riche!

multicolored grids, fashion-lang-bit palette

full of art or is it ' s up to fashion for the groom, a fashion tie, it is your personality sign! wedding, instead of selecting "virtuous" colorful floral, rather than matching a color IN bold Tartan tie, the bride must be proud of you!

as the Duchamp color Tartan tie, seemingly decorated colorful, with blocks of color playing rules. The groom wear if it is too tall, it will make him look flexible, and features the personality for the groom, Duchamp was a good choice!

        Hugo Boss stripe silk tie

big man, and contrasting cool color tie

for the master of business, leader in the Organization, often play the dominant role in the world of love "big men" groom, learn to dress on weaknesses, and perceives his important step. Angular width stripes, simple geometric patterns, can show you quick side well, and "loud" character, also need to use cold tone makes you look intelligent and robust!

the Hugo Boss silk neck tie, groom's suit is the big man of choice, blue + black cool color balance the bright silk unique sense of texture, contrasting stripes of the simple type, the groom in the selection of this type of tie, don't select mixed hue with fine stripes, not only make you dirty, will also give "small" feeling of Oh!