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Wedding should seize the wedding details

Xiamen this city more and more generation new sought after around the side, personality photo, alternative wedding dresses, even creative wedding planning! As long as it is unique to yourself and impress guests, then the wedding would be considered meaningful. So, do you know how the professional wedding planning books do you plan?

fragrance-choose the wedding florists you want to have a romantic wedding? flowers is certainly not small. Both the bride's bouquet, groom Niu Konghua is a ritual area flowers, the flowers on the table, florists are needed according to your wedding color tone and the overall environment is designed, so you have to choose a qualified florists.

current floral design is an emerging industry in the country, General domestic-star hotel or an office building in the florist floral designer, and is generally not easy to find in the flower market, but you can also ask flower market owner, they will recommend to you a professional floral designer.

inside information select florists should pay attention to:

1.  see if the floral designer with overseas institutions, such as: the Netherlands, and Germany and Japan certificates State floral authority.

2.  professional floral designer for a-star hotel services, by placing flowers in the hotel, you can understand his design capabilities.

3.  his floral design is fashion? are often involved in some type of activity, as international well-known brand launches or professional store design 4.  do flowers floral designer show you pictures, make sure his picture is not a remake.

wedding flowers layout 5.  If he did? if you have a recent wedding flowers designed by him, you can go to watch it.

florists in 6.  style is right for your wedding, if not for you, although he promised to carry out technical modifications, but a professional who changed his style of design is risky, usually hard to be perfect.

7.  asked him to help prepare flowers for a wedding, how many assistants are needed, whether in the run-up to decorate your wedding site.

8.  contains other objects, such as: vases, planters, candle holders, if florists didn't provide, you need to hire from elsewhere, this will make your cost overruns.

9.  Design Center for a variety of bouquets and floral designs. Note: this will take some of the design fee, but well worth it.

to help you save money:

through exchanges with the florists, he will understand the context of your wedding, wedding flower arrangement for you, and provide you with professional help. For example: in your wedding season is selected, what color of flowers for your wedding? where where flowers? how long to spend in advance? you can flower floral design fees and costs accounted for separately, and then commissioned directly from wholesale markets for flowers buy flowers florists so that you can with the least amount of money to achieve the best results.

signing the contract:

contracts should include the name of florists, specify what time, in what ways and decorated flowers. To specify some details, such as: the number of flowers, colors, varieties and the number of various types of floral needs, such as bouquets, Niu Konghua, floral, floral table Centre etc. Must be clearly written in the first-choice with flowers of cases can allow alternative varieties. Contracts shall include payment details the principles, conditions and cancellation of the contract, and you and florists this way.

General Plan – Wedding planners Wedding Planner? have you seen zhannifu·luopeizi starred in the Wedding Planner, the '? she's role in the play is a wedding planner (wedding Planner), also known as wedding planning Manager. Abroad, wedding planning Manager is a very noble profession, requires a lot of professional quality. For example, banquet services, flower service, site layout services, image design services associated with the many wedding-related knowledge. She wanted for new planning process and the details of the wedding, wedding dreams help newcomers.

at present, the wedding company wedding planner can be found at home, but their levels of bad, you need to carefully screened and identified. Generally takes half a year to meet different wedding planner in advance, if you want to prepare, is, of course, the sooner the better.

when insider information when you are looking for wedding planners, check as follows:

1.  his experiences, including his length of time working in the wedding planning, organizations, how many times the wedding altogether, how many times a year to organize the wedding.

2.  best look he had planned a wedding video or photos.

3.  asked who looked at him, listening to their views, so that you can be more objective about his planning ability.

4.  from cooperating with the florists, photographers, bands where the side to understand his organizational skills.

5.  to confirm whether he is agent or recommend other wedding services providers, whether to collect a fee.

6.  study his level of service: whether he has written arrangements for your wedding tables can make reasonable adjustments in a timely manner, whether he will take part in your wedding, whether he can handle contract negotiations and other wedding related matters for you.

save you money overall planning of your wedding budget's expenditure should be 15%. Although than himself planning more out has a pen overhead, but has following two aspects of benefits: a, and Planning Division has rich of wedding preparatory experience, he know a wedding how arrangements, he can through and you one-on-one of service, let you get professional of help; II, and he know how can save money, help you in other aspects bargain save expenditure, General down will than you himself planning to pays many.

with the help of wedding planner, you can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. Of course, you also have to do some specific work, for example, with the Planner recommended some of the businesses interviewed decided some things in detail.

contract your contract should include with your wedding planner: wedding date, planners arrange everything should bear the responsibility and completion deadlines. Pay contracts should be written in detail the principles and conditions, cancellation of contract, should also write the names of replacements in case of emergency, of both Planner and finally don't forget your contact information.

sumptuous feast--looking for party designers whether it is a buffet or cocktail, whether indoor or outdoor, from wine and delicacies, exquisite service to ice sculptures, art woven into an atmosphere high five amazing venues, Professional catering designer for your thoughtfulness. Some hotels are catering to communicate with you, but if your banquet needs different things, you'll need to call in a professional party designer.

country hotel has banquet designers, but most restaurants typically do not have the condition.

insider information when you are looking for a designer party time, pay attention to the following aspects:

1.  you should have seen how long has he done the party designer, where I've trained, and training.

2.  asked how much he year catered Party, as well as the type and size of party.

3.  hearing the views of his customer as a reference, especially those similar style, food, the number of guests almost dinner.

4.  see if he have with florists and other wedding professionals in communication skills, can work together to create a good party atmosphere.

5.  that he recommended hotel by the recent health check, and insuring quality of service liability insurance.

6.  to discuss matters related to the menu with him to see if he have any advice for your event.

7.  ask for everyone's meal standards, including which costs do you have to pay additional service fees.

8.  sure can taste before signing the contract, and to confirm that you want to taste the dishes on the menu that is intended to provide, and pay attention to the appearance of the food.

ways to help you save money saving money as follows: selecting many cheaper than dinner buffet; select and menu are similar but cheaper dishes; remove additional sections, such as: in addition to cake want dessert; banquets designer pointed out that other place where you can save. Remember this: you may be able to save money by reducing the number of guests.

signed the contract should include dinner dates, exact address, start and end time for the party, service personnel and the ratio of the number of guests, service style is a buffet or a meal, the exact menus and dishes can be replaced. Should also include the number of guests you can determine the final date of the precise number, and the date and amount of advances, but also to explain special circumstances the conditions for cancellation of the contract.

If the hotel provides cake, the contract should be written on the cake's taste and style in; if you drink should specify the species of wine. Also, there is contact between the two sides.

         so many small details sometimes still forget, after all, a wedding is not easy. Many things too much! If you think you remember can be written down, each one to do it!