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Low profile run out of ocean view wedding portrait

This is Qingdao Renaissance class a lesson in real-"low key portrait light" special training by the National Portrait "ten most outstanding" Wang Jiamin instruction and guidance. In the course of teaching, Studio photographer Wang Jiamin found widespread "dare not" run out of questions, and their weaknesses in the shooting on the run was designed "low man" shooting training, the students understanding of lighting, lights have been supervised, grasp of image quality has been significantly improved.

the main objective of this course is to make students understand the specific role of each lamp in the actual shooting, emphasizing the range of tone and light control and low profile picture understanding of the relationship between light and shadow, decorated with light characters and describe the environment and "specular but not black, darkened", with no loss of picture detail.

first, focus

students in this class are solid basic skills, but the understanding of light and the tone is not enough, don't take photos of tone is strong. Therefore, I selected "low man" as a part of teaching and assessment.

in the course of teaching, I ask students to stereo-photo-shoot-oriented, pay attention to control the illumination range, abandon the idea of conventional flat shooting. During the filming, I found that some students understanding of the stereo light is not accurate enough, awareness of the range of lighting is very vague; others came from Studio photographers because they do not often use the stereo light, so the light is very low, as long as the up the lighting effect is good, completely ignored the light on the modification and environmental characterization of the character roles. To solve these problems, I asked the participants to observe the characteristics of the subjects, dispatched against the characters feel light, accurate and precise control of light exposure.

Second, low key portrait

today, consumers are "pure image" accepted more and more, the Studio is no longer popular with large flat shooting "sugar". Consumer aesthetic awareness or professional and technical level of the photographer put forward higher requirements. Only concentrate on studying techniques to improve image quality as the goal, to advantage in the fierce market competition.

low profile photo image tone, are dark gray and black tone, tint the area occupied is small. With elegant contrast of color in a high profile, low-key portrait color is dignified, screen deep, serious, mysterious.

low profile and soft low profile and hard low profile two: soft low profile is based on the gap between the smaller shadow adjustment showed subjects of texture and rich layered; rigid low profile is more light than to highlight the outline of the subject.

third, shooting lesson plans

(a) special training content

1. light control and light quality, emphasizing light modification, environmental characterization of the characters and the tone effect on the emotions of the characters.

2. shooting in live-action, pay attention to the effect of ambient light on the characters.

3. take a hard tone photo in front of the monochrome background, succinctly expressing the theme requires light and delicate, precise, subtle and minimize depict the traces.

4. take a painting style photo and pay attention to environmental effects of light on the screen. Using beam lights brighten the picture's centre of gravity, then high light environment with some of the local accent.

5. build a rough framework before shooting. But the actual shooting would emerge a Flash moment, shooting a lot of randomness and flexibility, therefore grasp the relationship between tone and mood of the characters is particularly important.

(b) the specific shooting guide

1. takes note of the light range, to demonstrate a quiet, low-key work depth of feeling. Shoot if you feel inadequate illumination range, can be a little bit Light Radius, you can open "Blade" lighting can also be farther distance from the characters. But it must be carefully controlled, light must not too broad.

2. shooting hard and low work (using the monochrome background), you should join the rim light. If there is no profile, low-key work will lose sense of depth. RIM light and enhance the brightness of the picture to avoid dark areas appear "black death" phenomenon.

3. shoot soft low profile work (using the picture background), pay attention to the overall light. My experience is that light located in the back of a low illumination light, brighten the entire screen. Attention to the control of light intensity, light must be weak, cannot affect the overall exposure, use this lamp to enhance the overall sense of character and background.

4. using light characters. Delta light (lunbolangguang), butterfly and classical optical methods. Using reflector to fill light, control by adjusting the distance ratio.

5. using side light or when shooting low key portrait sided back lighting, peripheral vision do not cast on the background (barn shelter available). Auxiliary light less, even without auxiliary light. Ratio should be larger, at 1:4 or 1:4.

6. shoot low-key portrait, used better lighting than with soft illumination. Because hard light is more powerful, more low-key works deep and powerful feelings.

7. clothing, backgrounds and props are black or dark color should be used.

8. low key photo tone rich deep, but a small amount of bright area is the focus of images. Even the bright area is very small, can make the whole picture full of vigor.