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Tea edge

Tea edge

Yang Jiaxi, located in the West of Fujian tailao mountain, known as the "sea of Taoyuan" "Fujian small Wuyi" said. With beautiful scenery, and taimu mountain is "mountain and sea," one of the three main attractions. Legend has it that song name Yang Zongbao, Mu guiying children Yang Wenguang and Yang Jinhua army pacified southern 18th hole and sent generals stationed here, so the Brook called Yang Jiaxi.

view called "China wonders, unique in Jiangnan" Rong Feng Park been listed by the State Department of forestry and the forest of wonders of China Millennium ancient Banyan tree group and existing in the South can see the biggest maple forest.

scenic cave temple-the Temple of Qinglong Temple in Ming dynasty, many writers writing, Kings Road, Hu Bao feng, Board Beach, broken boats, natural Yang Jiayan, Yu yun Pavilion, Dragon eel Brook, SMG square and other attractions. Upstream blue Pocket Terminal took raft drifting, along can taste Yang Jiaxi beautiful views, and the small herself peak, fairy Mochizuki, welcome fairy ship, Goddess sat Lotus, rocks landscape, feel hills flow long, mountain wind clear, afternoon car to beach baths--cowboy gang. trip end returns you warm of home! known as "Sea country Taoyuan", and "min sea Penglai" reputation of Yang Jiaxi scenic, is located in too basking   Shanxi South, and xiapu teeth city Northwest. Reportedly, she was originally called Nan Yang Ping, from the Northern Song dynasty name Yang Wenguang "Nanman 18-hole" after its name.  

Yang Jiaxi a stream bottom. Valley on both sides of Castle Peak and luxuriant, exotic and exciting colors. Camphor trees,   Maple, beech tree, Banyan, bamboo, bamboo, flower of bamboo, square bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra, yellow, Golden Bamboo,  azaleas, boxwood, bird plum, Syzygium buxifolium, Reed film distribution, Evergreen, huaxiangniaoyu.   Is particularly noticeable on both sides XI Tan Shui NI Han, both rare forest of camphor, a Ribbon stretching over more than 10  , year-round green; and Reed flake, green in spring and summer grass, winter white Floc everywhere; there are   implicated in Maple Grove, as the South's largest maple forest, autumn leaf shines, like   red cloud stop.

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