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Dream Valley

Dream Valley

I have seen, misty morning in the South, you're holding an oiled paper umbrella light blue, gently, through my window. I saw you under the umbrella, cut eyes filling up I wanted to write words, turned around, and wrote the paper article I didn't brush. There you are, gone was the Jiangnan cold, misty. Miss, also becomes exceptionally bright for you, into the trailer, across thousands of years.

at that time, began to warm the soil, grass began to shoot, you're here, I laughed. Peach blossoms, delicate petals float in the Lake, reflecting your face, gently crazy, influence of the seasons. Picturesque scenery, warm air, along with the face cut thoughts, red cherries, green banana. I still remember, blue stone on the road, on your feet, and wake my sleeping curtain.

the free days, I sit on the shore saw the soft wind, you hint of eyebrows, blue eyes, beautiful face and a flower, like the poetry world; Dim, the charming and pleasant.

I know, under the eaves, the hide is not a door, high floor, water bamboo dreams. I can see Hoang long boat, floating alone in the turquoise water, sees bows have a beautiful you and flying hair, with a Halo in the sky. Dream long, swam in the picture and drunk endlessly. Wait, unbreakable water, the clear ripples, stretch ...

long life, boundless sea, small residual apricot flowers, interpretation of a season of dreary, a lonely, nothing can resist. Miss peach blossom in full bloom season, gently turning your umbrella. Invitation in a toast to ask, ask, will be willing to let me stay with you this beautiful, sprinkled all over the South.

time, such as water, passes, but do not know your yard of those long thin Wisteria still lingering intertwining, lock your touch of melancholy.

months in the sky, the shadow in front of the flowers, cool Moonlight, under Windows that do not know you, watching the wind turned the pages, let the cool feeling of disturbing your quiet, laughed and loved to repeat it again and again.

when the dark night, I fantasized about your slender fingers, flick the ancient strings, and the wind whispers, talk with them, gentle thoughts. Years you beautiful mask, but more full your body lightly, that I could not miss, I was stationed in the South.

in my dream, as I remember last night's gentle, you wait in the distance. Respectively later today, for a long, long time, I do not know you the peach blossom in the courtyard, and had been in full bloom, releasing a touch of fragrance, smear on some red.

moon hanging in the sky, shadows in front of the flower films, under Windows that do not know you, watching the arrival of winter, and still remember my face, eyes of the pair and the last to leave.

the dark night, as if at your fingertips than you vague attitude Cho Cho Yingying. You know I dream with you remote pieces, think peach swirl scenes, sleep with a smile.