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Xiamen University

Xiamen University

  Xiamen University in the national key comprehensive University in the top ten, is one of the most beautiful universities in the country. The school gate "Xiamen University," Mr LU Xun wrote four words. Mr LU Xun at Xiamen University to teach.

By patriotic overseas Chinese leader, Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee, founded in 1921, known as "strong in the South," said, is the high level of national key construction of the cross-century University, is currently the only universities directly under the Ministry of education is located in special economic zones. Campus is located in the "Sea Garden City"----Xiamen's eastern end, covering an area of 2188 acres, near the mountain and the sea, beautiful scenery, unique architecture and pleasant, clean and beautiful campus is the top.

Xiamen University disciplines are more complete, has 17 faculties, 33 departments and more than 50 scientific research institutions, including natural science, engineering and Technological Sciences, humanities, social sciences, management science, arts education education systems in science and medicine and other disciplines.

School highlights many celebrities, strong teachers, preparing professors nearly more than 320 people, more than 460 people, Associate Professor, academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences 8, 1 academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, and tutor of 184 people.

Xiamen University, mountain, sea, tree-lined pavilions, Ding song platform, canchacuoluo, high and low, winding streets, picturesque. We took a van through the University campus, just like a small city, and resembles a large garden, feeling fresh, comfortable, away. Because we have a plane to catch, and time is running out, visited Xiamen University only took about half an hour, tour, travel tours.