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Must read before
1, please remember to take pictures with our reservation date and time.

2, undecided date and time telephone appointment three days in advance, so that we can give you a photographer and makeup artist.  

anticipation of the day before  

1. don't drink too much water, to avoid puffy bags under the eyes and eyelids when taking photos.  

2. simplify the shampooing process, best not use conditioner or protective hair products, so as to avoid taking pictures easy styling of the day.  

3. make a photograph may be used on the day of supplies: bride prepare white or colour of the strapless BRA, different shades of colour and Black opaque tights.

groom required pair of dark shoes, and a pair of the black socks, white socks.  

4. don't forget the deep moisturizing facial works before going to bed. Of course, the groom is no exception Oh! However, tonight, don't scrub,

avoid skin too fragile, unable to load the next day's makeup.  

photo of the day  

1. the groom must remember to shave 鬍, but if you want to make a different kind of wild effect, so if he possibly can. Bride before, may wish to take a shower, shaved armpit hair scraped off by the way!  

2. don't wear t-shirts or head dress, wear a Cardigan style dress or dresses out well before, so at that time dress tuotuo, broken makeup or hairstyle.  

3, photographed, please pay the balance before.  

4, just before the photo to remember their sampling time at the store.  

5, Interior photos, in the case of air conditioning, oil is not as easy as out sweating, out, but still have to keep in mind that after the photo finish, full and thorough cleansing, skin cosmetic damage to a minimum.